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The weekly diaries are written in conjunction with Capital Economics, the Strategy section is written by the fund management team, outlining their views on the topic. The fund management team meet on a weekly basis to discuss the commentary written by Capital Economics, the main global economic themes, the investment strategy and they also analyse each of the funds and their underlying holdings. We provide a summary of these meetings so that advisers and investors can keep up to date with the management of their investments.

Our monthly diaries summarise major economic and market developments that occur over the month, and include a section of our views going forward. They also look at each of the Margetts Risk Rated portfolios in detail, and discuss some drivers of performance over the month.

Our quarterly commentaries reflect on markets and economics over the previous three months, and include a short section on our strategy.

The Margetts diaries and commentaries document the thoughts and opinions of the Margetts Fund Management team. These may change without notice and are for information only. Investors should not interpret the comments as financial advice.

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