Risk Rated Funds

The Funds

Our range of four risk rated fund of funds are the building blocks of a risk rated portfolio. They have been designed for advisers looking to outsource part or all of their fund management process to professional fund managers.

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Our Risk Profiler tackles both ability to take risk (capacity for loss) and willingness to take risk separately, with feedback to promote discussion.

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Why Margetts

Our range of risk rated fund of funds have won numerous awards and are managed by an investment team with over a decade’s experience of working together. Alongside the funds, our tools can be used to tailor a portfolio to clients’ individual needs.

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Our Approach

Margetts Investment Process is built in layers, creating depth to ensure objectivity, greater understanding and better analysis.

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How to Invest

The Margetts Risk Rated funds can be purchased directly from Margetts by completing our application form as either a straightforward unit trust investment or as an ISA investment.

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Risk Explorer

Explore how a portfolio changes according to its risk profile in our dynamic page. The blend, performance, asset allocation and underlying holdings are illustrated using current portfolio information.

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