Order Execution and Placement Policy

This policy sets out the framework for how Margetts Fund Management Ltd (“Firm”) will take all sufficient steps to deliver the best result for clients when trading Financial Instruments on a consistent basis.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules require the Firm to establish and implement effective arrangements for complying with the obligation to take all sufficient steps to consistently obtain the best possible results when acting as the investment manager to the schemes and transmitting orders to brokers for execution. This is more commonly known as “Best Execution”, the key objectives of which are to protect unitholders and address conflicts of interest.

Where a third party is appointed to manage investments, it is the Firm’s responsibility to ensure that the third-party has effective arrangements in place to achieve best execution. Third parties will operate under their own policies, which the Firm will ensure meet the same principles of this policy and oversee compliance with their policies.

To view the full policy document please download it here