About Us

Company & Ancestry

Margetts is an independent specialist fund management firm with more than £2bn of assets under management. Margetts Fund Management Ltd was established in 2000, however the firm’s ancestry has enjoyed a long and rich history which can be traced back to 1845.

Our aim is to provide clients with an investment which will achieve their objectives. The Margetts active management techniques are designed to provide superior returns for the level of risk undertaken. Investors can choose a level of risk for their portfolio based on their financial situation, willingness to take risk and the amount of time they expect to hold the investment.

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Awards & Recognition

Our team approach and fund performance has attracted numerous professional awards and industry recognition.

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Financial Security

Margetts funds are either unit trusts or OEICs. These regulated structures are regarded as one of the most secure within the UK market. Whilst an absolute guarantee cannot be provided, the level of security is very high. In the unlikely event of a failure, which causes a loss, Margetts are part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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The Investment and Risk Committees

Meet the people that play a key part in the management of investments at Margetts.

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Regulatory Policies & Disclosures

Margetts is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  We believe in transparency and detail a number of policies and disclosures on our website.

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